Over the past seven months, I’ve been working on the Polyhedra Viewer, a math visualization tool that lets you transform polyhedra into each other and explore their relationships. It’s been a tremendous undertaking, especially for a single person, and I’d like to share my story on how and why I made it and the things I’ve learned from doing so.

Screenshot of polyhedra.tessera.li/icosidodecahedron

In this series of blog posts, I’ll be going over the design of creating the polyhedra viewer as well as why I decided to build the thing in the first place, and what releasing it has been like. Each aspect of the project will be it’s own post, so feel free to pick whatever you’re interested in.

This has been a passion project of mine for half a year, and I’m happy to be able to share my process, in hopes that others will be inspired to pursue their passions.

In the first section, I’ll explain why I created polyhedra viewer and the various versions of it that have existed.

Other sections: